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Welcome to Fatjo, WordPress Rotterdam

A Rotterdam based company who make beautiful, clean, responsive WordPress and Woocommerce, sites to fit your needs and match your budget. Please see below our portfolio that is filled with of our latest and greatest creations of the last 6 months. Keep one thought in mind. For a reasonable price your site can look like this too.

About Fatjo

WordPress and Prestashop webdesign from Rotterdam.

Simplicity is our motto. Simple it is!

Fatjo WordPress Rotterdam is a bilingual (English and Dutch) web design studio situated in Rotterdam.

The responsive WordPress and Prestashop sites/stores are designed and developed by husband and wife team Jo Keitch and Rene Oude Vrielink and are offered to small and medium sized businesses.

Their motto is one word. Simplicity. Nothing should be made any more complicated than it actually is and so they offer simple, clean and transparant websites that work equally for the visitor and the owner.

Both Rene and Jo have graduated in Computer Science. Rene at University Twente  in the Netherlands and Jo in the UK.  They met as software programmers many moons ago at the software solutions company Logica and have since developed to Software Delivery Manager and Software Architect at companies Logica, Nokia and Hewlett Packard and Ziggo.

We have always been passionate about webdesign and development. It is something that we both really enjoy. We started out working in the evening hours on websites for people in our network. It is great to see how we have progressed. Due to the success of Fatjo I have now moved out of my career to dedicate my time to the Fatjo customers and potential customers. We  now successfully and professionally offer out skills to small medium businesses We are good at it, the websites are great and the customers are happy so why not?

If you have read this far then contact us. You will not be disappointed and we just love to hear from you. Believe me WordPress and Prestashop webdesign either in our hometown Rotterdam, or far beyond, can not get any better than this.


Jo Keitch

Owner and Front End Designer, FatJo


Please feel free to contact us:

Tel:+31 (0)624817224

Email: Info@fatjo.nl

Address: Kleiweg 99b, 3051GK. Rotterdam.



Project Steps

There are a number of factors important to us when creating the website: Who are we working with? What sort of character are they? What is their style? How passionate are they about making a success? What is their business? Who will be their audience? What is the message they want to get to their visitors?

Finding an answer to  these and more questions is the only way to get the perfect website up and running in one go. Nobody want to go back deleting, rewriting. At Fatjo we take our time and do our best to get your wishes and your customers wishes right in one go. Therefore we work together with you in the following way.

Step 1. Introduction meeting. The first meeting can take place either at you place, or mine. We are situated on the Kleiweg in Rotterdam.  For those people far away, Skyping is no problem. The intention is to make acquaintance and discuss the wishes for your website by answering a lot of the above questions.  A mix of good coffee, a few laughs and a serious chat about your requirements is in order. Don’t worry  You need to know nothing about computers or the internet. The minimum that you need to know at this point is a website that looks something like you want yours to look like. That will be just fine and we will steer the conversation from there avoiding technical jargon as much as possible.  At the end of this we will shake hands and go our separate ways. The next step is up to you.

Step 2. The proposal. After you give us the go ahead then we will use your ideas that you give to by any means (email, powerpoint, paper and pen or even on the back of an old cigar box) and come up with a concept design. This will be your proposed website. We will deliver the style and basic navigation (menus etc)  that we think you require based on our initial meeting.  Hopefully you will like it, but if you don’t then we will change it and when we hit on something you want then we can come to a go or no go decision.

Step 3. Your Decision. You choose Fatjo or you don’t. At this time if you do choose us then while we are jumping up and down and popping the champagne then you can can be choosing which pricing plan fits your needs and budget.  We will help you as much as we can in this decision.

Step 4. Back to the Drawing Board. Here is where the work really begins. Is the concept really what you want? Is it really going to bring the message over to your customers that you are trying to say? Will it stand out from the crowd? At this moment there will be a hub of activity jotting down ideas and debating over content. What, where, which font, which foto? This is where the magic happens and things really take form.

Step 5. Content. Somewhere between (way before) step 1 and now you will have been thinking over content. You may already have it on paper, you may not. At this moment you need to start getting it to us and little by little or, if you have it, in one great go. We will place your content into your website for you.

Step 6. Launch. As soon as both parties agree that the site is ready we will set the site live.  This time you can pop the champagne and enjoy the success with your Fatjo website.

We work with agility in mind and offer an agile approach.  This means that not everything has to be specified upfront. We can build your website together in small steps – each being reviewed and accepted before moving onto the next. In this way we can offer you a module based solution that can be built in parallel with your business growth. For example:

You are a starter company and are entering the market with a soft opening. You require, at the beginning, no more than a few pages with your company information, – an about page and a contact page. Your website is a business card. As your business progresses, so can your website. For example after a few successful months you may need us to add a portfolio, perhaps you need us to integrate a newsletter or you may want us to add a shop.  Each module can be added piece by piece, each piece designed, reviewed, implemented and accepted before moving onto the next. We will together create the exact website that you want and your business needs.

Here you can read more about our module based development and pricing. Here you can contact us.

Why Choose Fatjo?

That is basically a question that you have to answer yourself but as a helping hand:

  • Our responsive websites and webstores are clean and beautiful, no fuss and to the point business cards for your company. Something to make the customers say ‘Wow’.
  • Our websites are responsive which means that they will look perfect on any device from computer, to tablet to mobile.
  • We offer a ‘no strings attached’ policy.  You pay a fixed amount for a website and are able to take out a monthly maintenance contract thereafter which can be given notice at any time with one months notice.
  • We are two people who have between us years of experience in the world of technology. We are not a young starup company but  a company that can offer advise and truthfulness based on our experience with several big technology players such as Logica, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard and Ziggo (see about)
  • We are the worlds greatest website critics. We absolutely hate anything on the web that is either ugly, illogical, hard to use or any combination of the three and learn quickly by their mistakes.
  • Simple is our motto. Simple is the key. Don’t ever make anything more complex than needed.
  • We understand that for most of our customers understanding how the web works is a no no. It is not your field. You are the creative one and for us that is absolutely fine. Taking your requirements we deliver your desired site without bombarding you with any jargon what so ever.
  • We take our experience from our extensive use and criticism of the web to advise you on design features for your own website. If we think something you want could be done a little better then we will not hesitate to advise you.
  • We work with you and think with you. We are the much needed team members that you do not have and take care of everything to do with your website.
  • We speak and write perfect Dutch and English.

And finally we are really nice and just love making websites. Surely it cannot get any better than that?

Under Construction

We are currently working to replace the sites of the following companies:

  • Dutch Acute Medicine – Erasmus MC
  • Het Soul Atelier – Artist Rotterdam
  • Your Site here?